Love Jesus, my family, and my Outrageously Christ-Filled Girlfriends. I’m passionate about God, writing, photography, and cooking. If I say something funny and you laugh, my day is complete.

I realized my love of writing early in elementary school when I began writing, editing, and publishing the Clarke Family Chronicles reporting weekly family news of my family of four … to  … my family of four. After obtaining a BA in Mass Communication and an MBA, I spent years many years in the field of Human Resources and Management and wrote professionally – marketing pieces, newsletters, annual business reports, and employee handbooks. Now I’ve returned to my true love, creative writing.

I’ve been published in “Granola Bar Devotionals: Spiritual Snacks on the Go!” and won Honorable Mention for my short story “A Matter of Conscience” in Two Letter Press’ 2014 Flash Card Fiction contest. Additionally, my short story “Downward Spiral” earned an Honorable Mention in the Short Story Challenge by NYCMidnight in 2015. “Are you Ready” will be my debut book.

Thanks for stopping by!

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