Risky Business

Pam met Rosa Gonzalez in her junior year at Arizona State University.  Looking to escape the summer heat one August afternoon, she and her roommate wandered into Senora Rosa’s Psychic Center to get their futures told.  The Psychic Center was less of a center and more of a one-roomed shack situated on a dusty corner …

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Downward Spiral

What you're about to venture into is my submission for the first round of the #ShortStoryChallenge2015 by NYCMidnight.  We were placed into Heats (# 9 for me) and then given the following rules:  One week to write / Number of words: No more than 2500 / Genre: Ghost Story / Subject: Agoraphobia / Character: A …

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Flash Fiction Friday: A Matter of Conscience

This piece won honorable mention at Two Letter Press for their Flash Card Fiction contest. Writers had to use a prompt provided by them within their story.  You'll find it in italics below.  Enjoy. I flipped open my billfold and extracted a new, crisp dollar bill from within.  My eyes danced across the picture of my …

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